Sunday, July 17, 2011

taking the challenge

cort, marli, and miyan took the challenge and i enjoy reading theirs so much that i am going to give it a go myself...

1. i am a messy person. not dirty, just messy. i leave my shoes by the door and books and papers on the floor and have a hard time getting rid of stuff that i do not use (or putting it away for that matter).
2. a few times a year, i take off a couple hours during the middle of the day to go see a movie by myself.
3. growing up, i always wanted to work in the gas station in my small town. i thought it would be so fun because the whole town comes in and out of there.

Source: None via Marcy on Pinterest

4. i frequently wish i was still in college. life seemed so much easier then.

5. i wish i was brave enough to join the peace corps.
6. i put on pj pants/shorts immediately upon entering my house and wear them until i have to get ready to leave again.
7. i painted oil and gas pumps for a summer in college.

Source: via Marcy on Pinterest

8. when a friends' child is with me and is mistaken for being mine, i smile on the inside as i get a glimpse of what it must feel like to have such pride and love for a child that you call your own.
9. i wake up approximately 15 minutes before i start work...just enough time to rub my eyes, brush my teeth, make coffee, and get to my desk. (it will be hard to get into a normal routine again if i go back to an office job!)
10. i cannot wait to plan my wedding and all of the related festivities.

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  1. omg! so sweet and honest AND i agree on so many!! 1 in particular...i also wake up 15 min. before work...shower, get ready, drive there.. haha! (and i also go see movies alone...often!) xo