Monday, May 6, 2013

one of my new favorite things... on facebook

i "liked" it when a cool quote, that a friend of mine "liked", showed up in my newsfeed.

now, i get fresh, inspiring, motivational, funny quotes in my newsfeed a few times every day (and then save my favorites to my phone to re-read later). i highly recommend that you "like" it!

here's a sampling:




and on another random note, i have been obsessed with this song i've been hearing on KXT

hope you have a good week~

Sunday, April 21, 2013

special kind of pen pal

my good friend, leigh, and I share a love for the same kinds of music. we love to see live shows, listen to new tunes, and twirl around in front of a stage or in a living room without abandon. when she moved to portland last summer, we had to figure out a new way to share our music love. SO, we became music pen pals. we take turns sending each other new/old/fun/loved tunes. it is so awesome to open the mailbox on the day these packages arrive. the latest cds I received from her included a mix tape, which is one of my favorite things ever :) this is a small sampling of my favorites on the mix: any suggestions about what i should send her next?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

are you happy?

cort sent me this picture a long time ago.  it had an impact on me (think it has been featured on this blog before) and on days when i don't know the answer to the question, i go back to it, stare at it, and try to figure out what "something" is. 
today is one of those days. 
(found here)
i haven't been on pinterest in many months, so when i went looking for this, i was slapped in the face with many of the other pictures/quotes i have pinned in the past.  sometimes i can't decide if they are inspirational or depressing. none the less, they are impactful.  it seems that these silly pictures and quotes can describe a mood or feeling better than than trying to describe it yourself.  especially when feeling blue/lost/confused/bitter or like having a good, old fashioned, pity party.  here is what i found that describes how i am feeling today.
(found here)
(found here)
(found here)
(found here)
i also found this one too though and am going to take this advice today. maybe some fresh air will provide a little clarity on that "something" that needs a little tweaking lately. 
(found here)

gig'em aggies

24 hours in college station...
friends who have known each other for almost 16 years
(and a few who have been picked up along the way)...
who still laugh as hard and love each other as much 
as we did 5, 10, and 15 years ago.
~miss you already and am looking forward to next time~
cort described it best here.

Monday, February 4, 2013


i recently got to travel to portland, oregon.  i LOVED it.  such a cool city with a small town feel but is a big city.  it is absolutely beautiful, environmentally friendly, a bar/restaurant/shop on every corner, views that don't stop, and a few residents who happen to be some of my dearest friends. 
here is a photo dump of my trip.  can't wait to go back!  
snuggling ike
enjoying the view from pittock mansion
japanese gardens
experimenting with my new camera lens
sampling at a local brewery
yummy sushi and a sake bomb
breakfast with a sweet bear and his parents
roadtrip to the blustery but beautiful coast
cooking what we caught...i mean bought
nights out on the town
and lots of laughing, hugging, and catching up

Sunday, January 20, 2013


i love cards (as previously/frequently mentioned on this blog) and i especially love birthday cards...shocking, i know.  i still have mine sitting on a shelf in my living room so i can look at them.  think i will keep them there just a tad longer cause they bring a smile to my face.  here are a few of my favs from this year:
hand picked king kong card (up international) from a few of my favorite boys: gorilla man and crosby
leigh hugging a big tree on the front of super special, made just for me, card from shutterfly
this card from charlotte (papyrus) that describes what i did pretty much the whole day
and the one from my parents (hallmark) talking about how they brag about me.  couldn't resist leaving the "ho" card in the picture: christmas card (southern fried paper) from my best friend who also, obviously, appreciates a sentimental, sappy card :)
there are many more and i love them all.  for all of you who celebrated with me this year, this is my card to you (quotable cards):

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

hard day

this is why this blog is so hard for me to keep up.  i am at work. it is 6:45 pm on a tuesday.  i am tired and stressed and want to go home yet cannot muster the energy to walk out into the cold, get on a bus, walk to my car, and drive myself (with a stop at the liquor store first, mind you) home to my couch.

here's what i did today:

-found a patient who is severely mentally ill with metastatic cancer placement in a nursing facility.  we did not think this could be done (she has been here 2 weeks) and was a major high for me today.  she was gone ONE HOUR and is back in her bed here waiting for me to fix the problems.  major low...and reason i am still here.

-found an elderly, dementia patient placement in nursing facility.  three in fact. and was brutally reminded that, while i am wanting a pt to be discharged immediately because placement in found, i frequently forget the angst and difficulty for family that comes with placing a loved one in a nursing home.  too hard to slow down and care about people's feelings when there are so many patients on your list.  i feel like an asshole.  it worked out in the end and he is going to a nice place tonight.  everyone's happy....or something like that.

-arranged transportation for several patients who could have probably taken the bus but due to weather needed other means....good deed for day.

-actively sought hospice for two patients.  one with insurance who will get hospice and will get to go home with her family, with all of the medication that she needs, all equipment needed to be comfortable, and a hospice emotional support that is unmatched.  one without insurance who was denied charity hospice (which i must side note is a really awesome service that many hospice agencies provide but are unfortunately always full as you can imagine) and will die in the hospital.  sad.

-found out that an ex-patient of mine, who was with me for approximately 8 months before he was able to go to a nursing home in october, died this week.  kind of sad, but really great that he is not in pain any longer.  i was so happy that his church friend called me to let me know.  lets you know you had an impact.

-attended three meetings, trained a new person, and tried to not cry or scream at anyone.

OK, i am finally feeling like making my way home.  thanks for listening to me decompress. this place is a roller coaster.  i mostly love it...the best coworkers/support system/therapists, patients with interesting life stories, exciting/new experiences daily, and a continuous learning experience. today the roller coaster just went too fast with too many loopty loops....and it is only tuesday :)