Saturday, July 23, 2011

five foods

i love food. all food (well, except avocado and cottage cheese). so in order to narrow it down, i decided to pick 5 of my favorite things that my mom makes. she is an amazing cook and has spoiled us with home-cooked meals our whole lives.

1. spaghetti

this is my favorite. it was my requested birthday meal every year. my mom gave me the book with the recipe in it and i have made it a few times but it never compares to when my mom makes it.

2. omelettes

this is a staple in our house. mom makes a buffet of sausage, cheese, onions, mushrooms, and bell pepper and then we get to choose how many eggs and what we want in ours. to give credit where it is due, dad helps to by making toast and cooking the sausage!

3. thanksgiving dinner

yummmmmmmm. cornbread dressing and mashed potatoes with giblet gravy. enough said.

4. the loaf

ok, this little concoction is delish. it is a loaf of french bread, cut the top off, take the insides out, fill with yummy deliciousness, put the top back on, bake, cut a slice, and enjoy. best when dipped in mom's homemade ranch dressing.

5. potato salad

this is one of those recipes that when i ask how to make it, mom says to put some of this and a little of that. i am lost on that. i aspire to be one of those people that can cook like that but my analness just will not allow it. anyway, the bacon and green olives, in addition to all of the other yummy ingredients, make it for me. so good.

it was so hard to narrow to 5. some of the other contenders were dallas delight, egg nests, sausage balls, cinnamon logs, quiche, gravy, ranch dip, hamburgers and peppered steak with fried rice. whew, i am hungry. gonna go call my mom and book a trip home :)

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  1. i love your momma's cooking too. take me with you.