Saturday, January 29, 2011

a girl can dream...

a few days ago a coworker and i were discussing the impending doom and gloom that is the proposed texas state budget (another post on that in the near future i feel certain) and in this conversation a few things happened that surprised me. first, she asked me if this (what i am doing now) is my dream job. i didn't even flinch and said no before i even knew what happened. then, she asked, "well, what is then?". and again, without a thought i said, "i would own a store that sells handmade paper, stationery, and gifts." huh? did this social worker really say that to one her staff? yep.
so, it got me thinking and i can't let it go. what would i do if i didn't do "this"? i have tons of dream jobs but they all seem so unrealistic and expensive and blah blah blah. and how is it that i have 3 degrees and none of them are in any remote way related to any of these dream jobs?
let's try a few of my dream job titles on for size:

marcy floyd, co-owner, cocojane paper co.
marcy floyd, author, romance novels and children's books
marcy floyd, peace corps volunteer
marcy floyd, phd (in something super cool of course)
marcy floyd, columnist for travel magazine
marcy floyd, owner, baby basics - helping rich families prepare for the arrival of a little person
marcy floyd, attorney at law (not really, but wanted to see what it would look like)
for now i will stick with marcy floyd, lmsw but will definitely continue to dream. and if any of you have any ideas on how to make these dreams a reality or have a big money pot hidden somewhere that you would like to share with me, please let me know :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

my nephew is a genius

it was the day before christmas eve and we had all arrived at my parent's home to spend christmas together. we were sitting around watching max's every move and being entertained by everything that he is...wonderful. sadly, bedtime rolled around and after his daddy had whisked him away for pj's and pottying and nightly rest preparation rituals, he bounded back into the living room for his "family hug". when this was said, i thought that he meant it was time to hug each person and say goodnight, but no, he literally meant a family hug. apparently some time ago, as his nightly routine was taking place at his home in florida, max had the idea that he and mommy and daddy would all hug together instead of individually. the group hug stuck and now includes a nightly family hug, family pat, and family kiss. SO, there we were, in the middle of my parents living room having a fantastic family hug. i cannot recall a time when this has ever happened and for those 5 nights that i was home for the holidays, i teared up at the awesomeness as my family hugged, all together, every night. i tried to capture the family hug in a picture and this was the best i could get:
but every time i see this photo, i am reminded of the feeling that the family hugs gave me and it makes me so thankful for max, my genius 2 year old nephew and inventor of the floyd family hug.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

it all makes sense if you think about it

there is this article in the huffington post about a program that the agency i work for uses called the parent-child home program. this article provides awesome statistics and insight into a phenomenon they are calling the "preparation gap". the parent-child home program is a program that works with parents and their 2-4 year old children on school readiness and literacy through play and parent-child interaction. it really is a genius concept seeing that the ages before school are critical to a child's growth and development mentally, physically, and academically. the really cool part is that the program is strictly modeling appropriate parenting in the home using the tools that parents already possess. many parents do not understand that the time spent, lessons taught, affection given, and discipline used during this critical age will affect who children become as people, as students, and as friends. i wouldn't go so far as to say that there success or failure depends on positive interaction at this age, but it is a large factor. i mean, it makes sense right? if we start teaching parents how to teach their children before they even get to pre-k or kindergarten, won't they be more involved in their child's public education and their child more likely to be encouraged to learn? if we teach parents the importance of taking time out their day to read to, teach, or simply play with their child, won't their child be more likely to read, learn, and socialize appropriately when they go to school? if we teach parents the importance of being involved in their child's education and how to communicate with educators before their child even enters a classroom, won't they be more likely to advocate for their child and be involved in the school system? to me, it all makes sense if you think about it. unfortunately, the state that i live in and many other funders can't justify the expense for this in-home, prevention program and others like it that work to build strong, healthy, educated children. hopefully one day, people will see the importance, effectiveness, and in the end cost savings of prevention programs that give parents and children the chance at a positive start in their academic experience.

Monday, January 17, 2011


when i started this blog, it was going to be like all of the others that i love…witty and funny and heartfelt and artistic. honestly, i find it hard to express my true self in something that isn’t inspired by someone else i know, something that i read or some place that I have seen. being honest with who i am and finding my own path is difficult.

i have a small obsession with greeting cards. i send mail because i love to show gratitude, exclaim love, say hello and i miss you, but i also buy cards for myself and for the last 10 years have obtained an awesome collection. very often i pull them all out and read them one by one for some sort of inspiration and almost always, one will capture my attention and be what I needed to hear for the day. these words of wisdom are what inspire me to live my life, do my job well, be a good friend, daughter, sister, and woman.

this quote is the namesake of this blog. it is so true and extremely difficult at the same time. it has come to my attention recently that, while i may be following my own path, i cannot seem to make a decision about where that path should go without the consultation and guidance of the many important people in my life. while their opinions are invaluable, i am trying everyday to be more confident in the decisions that i can make for myself and not to rely on others to make them for me. why this is so difficult for me i am not sure, because in the end, it is my path, i am the one walking it, and i have to find the courage to take responsibility for the path that i choose.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

new year's resolution...

how many times have i said that i want to start a blog and haven't actually done it? too many to count. i have read and read and read so many blogs and have had a fear of starting my own. my friends (and many strangers) write so many things that make me smile and laugh, give me insight and ideas, and give some sort of normalcy to this life that i lead. aren't ny resolutions about facing fears and doing things you haven't done and wanted to? well, here it is. welcome to my blog.