Monday, July 4, 2011

my new obsession

have you heard of pinterest? are you on there? do we follow each other? if not, we should.
i am obsessed.
if you haven't heard of pinterest or don't have an account, you are missing out my friend. basically, the site is a big bulletin board. people post pictures, quotes, ideas, websites, etc. and you can view them and re-pin them to your boards. my boards include crafts, things for the home, products i would like to purchase, quotes, photos, food, and on and on. then, all you have to do is click on the photo and it will link you to its original location on the web. here are a few examples:

this is on my "favorite places and spaces" board (can i please be here right now?!)

this is from the "products i love" board (one of you pen pals will probably be receiving this one day)

from the "food" board (yes, this is gooey nutella banana bread and yes, i will be making this someday). my favorite part is that you can click on the pic and you have the recipe at your fingertips.

from the "fun crafts" board

and finally, from my favorite board (of course), "quotes"
hopefully this has convinced you to get on pinterest and start to fill your own boards with dreams, goals, and inspirations (and don't forget to follow me).
happy pinning!

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