Thursday, July 21, 2011

six places

1. mom and dad's kitchen table

(christmas dinner 2010)

this is where my family goes to share meals, play many many games, catch up, laugh, do crafty things and spend a lot of time together

(playing 42, per usual)

2. cort and chris's living room

(one of many get togethers at this house. giggling about something inappropriate i am sure)

this place is full of life and is always welcoming to me and others. i spend a lot of time here: hanging out with and talking to friends, playing trains, reading books, snuggling babies, watching tv, escaping my quiet house, etc. etc. (c&c~thanks for always having me)

(snuggling baby joe and ben)

3. Red River, NM

my favorite place to visit. i love it here. makes me think of childhood, peace, calm, happiness. i would move here if not for the fact that there are approximately 10 people who live here year round. would love to get married here someday.

4. my bedroom

this place is a cave...quiet, cool, and dark. i love it and could lay in my super comfy bed for hours reading and dozing. (was going to make the bed for the pic, but that would just be a lie because i literally only make it when my parents are coming to town)

5. the patio of my favorite bar (i couldn't choose one, so i included both)

(duddley's draw, college station, tx)

(stan's blue note, dallas, tx. yes, that is jennifer with a large rasta banana.)

6. austin city limits music festival

(cort, becky, joni, and myself at acl during the early years)

i love, love, love this festival and look forward to it every year. the music is wonderful but the friends and fun cannot be beat. i have been going for many years and i look forward to it now as much i did in the beginning. there are several of us who try to go every year and without fail it is fantastic (aside from the dirt storm, hooker motel, mud pit, fall into oncoming traffic, sweltering heat, and other experiences that make for great stories that we retell over and over). we dance and laugh and talk and drink for three days straight. i love it and cannot wait for this year.

(joni and i at acl 2010)


  1. great list! i love all of those places too. i wouldn't mind being at your momma's house right now eating some of her home cooking.

  2. oh, red river.
    i guess that's really all i have to say about that.