Sunday, December 23, 2012


I am trying out the mobile blog app to see how it works. Maybe this will make it easier to make time to actually write something :)

This month I had a few days off during the middle of the week and used some of this time to go see the Chihuly exhibit at the Dallas Arboretum. It is only here til the end of the year so I am thankful I got to spend some time with the glass sculptures.

blog resuscitation...

i think. i hope. fingers crossed.

i am not making any promises.

pretty sure that anyone who still checks to see if i have written anything is tired of seeing my backyard.  this is what i have been told at least :)  i miss this blog and daily think of post ideas and how i am going to restart writing.  i take a million pictures that i always want to share but it is like that phone call that you have such good intentions of making but the further away you go from the last time you talked, the more daunting it feels to dial the numbers as there is just so much to say. 

i am going to give it a shot. 

here is a quick (or really long) look at what has happened in the last 9 months:

in march...
anna and i finally got to travel to florida to meet our sweet niece, piper, who was born in january,
 little nolan brown made his entrance into our world,
i travelled to borger to meet our newest family member, isaac wayne williams,
and to celebrate amy and ben's marriage with my borger girls.
in april: 
finally met luke ryan,
spent a weekend at kelly and jack's lakehouse, complete with homemade potato gun,
and snuggled a new-born finn mcanally.
in may...
i spent a weekend with the fam in okc and experienced the awesomeness that is "the original fried pie shop",
had a relaxing memorial day at with friends at the bonner's lake house,
and celebrated kelli's upcoming nuptials in the wine country.
in june...
 we had our annual mystery girls trip (see details here)
at a beautiful ranch outside of crossroads texas,
 visited joni and scotty in denver,
and watched kelli and shane tie the knot in estes park colorado.
in july...
we said goodbye when leigh moved to portland (good excuse for a fun party)
and rode in a pink van to see the avett brothers for suzy's birthday.
in august...
 the floyds spent a week on the beach in bonita springs florida
in this awesome house.
in september...
interestingly i have no pictures from september...except for the cute ones on my phone (some day i will figure out how to get these on this blog) of my trip to okc to see anna's new place, partake in yummy food and drink (including a bacon-infused bloody mary), and watch a lot of college football...also during this month, some things began transpiring at work...including the process of being re-hired for my own job...more on this later.
in october...
we went to acl music festival (read about cort's acl awards here),
 the state fair came to town,
baby ike was born (can't wait to meet him!),
and i visited houston to meet susan and camila's daughter, harper,

and to celebrate neha's engagement at a grand party on a boat.
in november...

i got to spend an awesome thanksgiving with these 2 and the rest of the fam.
AND, so far in december...
 i decorated my tree,
celebrated the holidays with my girls,
and hosted the second annual cookie decorating party...
with some of my favorite kid friends.
see, i've been busy :)
hope you all have a very happy holiday and a wonderous new year!