Monday, July 18, 2011

nine loves

1. vacation

(anna with subway map of boston)

2. live music (and twirling to it)

(joni, becky, and myself at austin city limits music festival in 2010)

3. floating (lake, river, ocean, pool, hot tub...i don't discriminate)

(me on the shores of st. george island, florida in 2010)

4. gambling (here we go YO!)

(my favorite veags hotel, new york, new york. it has been too long)

5. cold, draft beer

(at my favorite bar, dudley's, in college station. what i wouldn't give to have this right now.)

6. sending & receiving cards via snail mail

7. shopping

8. birthdays

(the cake at my 30th birthday party...another love, cookie cake)

9. my people

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