Sunday, July 24, 2011

four books

as a person who is always reading something, and has a varied taste in books, it is difficult to pick four. these are what pop into my head though so i am just going with it!
1. nineteen minutes - jodi picoult
i loved this book. i actually love all of her books that i have read. they are thought provoking and make you see situations from points of view that you wouldn't normally think about or sometimes wouldn't want to think about. most people love her or hate her and to give fair warning, all of her books are somewhat controversial and make you think about hard issues. nineteen minutes is about a school shooting and is very thought-provoking. jodi picoult is definitely one of my very favorite authors.

2. apa style guide - american psychological association

had to include this as it was my bible both times i was in grad school. it tells you how to write papers, cite sources, and be grammatically correct. a must have for any social science-related masters student :)

3. the help - kathryn stocket

my favorite book last year. if you haven't read it, you must immediately. i loved it so much because it is an interesting, and frequently funny, way to tell a difficult story about a time that is not that far in our history. the characters are amazing and i highly recommend. the movie comes out august 10 and looks as though it may do the book justice.

4. smoke screen - sandra brown

ok, i almost didn't put this on here because i wanted to put smart books by smart women that make me look like i only read smart and interesting things. it would be a lie. i LOVE to read crap and my favorite is any thriller with some romance mixed in. i have many authors in this genre that i read, but sandra brown is my favorite and i have read every one of her romantic thrillers. i also and a political thriller junky and love vince flynn. i aspire to write my own crap novel and make tons of day i will.

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