Saturday, January 29, 2011

a girl can dream...

a few days ago a coworker and i were discussing the impending doom and gloom that is the proposed texas state budget (another post on that in the near future i feel certain) and in this conversation a few things happened that surprised me. first, she asked me if this (what i am doing now) is my dream job. i didn't even flinch and said no before i even knew what happened. then, she asked, "well, what is then?". and again, without a thought i said, "i would own a store that sells handmade paper, stationery, and gifts." huh? did this social worker really say that to one her staff? yep.
so, it got me thinking and i can't let it go. what would i do if i didn't do "this"? i have tons of dream jobs but they all seem so unrealistic and expensive and blah blah blah. and how is it that i have 3 degrees and none of them are in any remote way related to any of these dream jobs?
let's try a few of my dream job titles on for size:

marcy floyd, co-owner, cocojane paper co.
marcy floyd, author, romance novels and children's books
marcy floyd, peace corps volunteer
marcy floyd, phd (in something super cool of course)
marcy floyd, columnist for travel magazine
marcy floyd, owner, baby basics - helping rich families prepare for the arrival of a little person
marcy floyd, attorney at law (not really, but wanted to see what it would look like)
for now i will stick with marcy floyd, lmsw but will definitely continue to dream. and if any of you have any ideas on how to make these dreams a reality or have a big money pot hidden somewhere that you would like to share with me, please let me know :)


  1. Love the bloggin' Marse :)

    Doesn't every social worker have a pretty short social worker lifespan?? When yours is up, I will shop at the cutest stationary store in town, and then I will send it to you in the mail after I buy it from you :)

  2. Oh wait, I mean...I'll buy a card there and send it to you in the mail. I won't send your store to you in the mail...

  3. "you must keep chasing dreams if you ever want to catch one."
    as you know, i personally vote for marcy, co-owner cocojane paper company and gift shop!