Thursday, January 27, 2011

my nephew is a genius

it was the day before christmas eve and we had all arrived at my parent's home to spend christmas together. we were sitting around watching max's every move and being entertained by everything that he is...wonderful. sadly, bedtime rolled around and after his daddy had whisked him away for pj's and pottying and nightly rest preparation rituals, he bounded back into the living room for his "family hug". when this was said, i thought that he meant it was time to hug each person and say goodnight, but no, he literally meant a family hug. apparently some time ago, as his nightly routine was taking place at his home in florida, max had the idea that he and mommy and daddy would all hug together instead of individually. the group hug stuck and now includes a nightly family hug, family pat, and family kiss. SO, there we were, in the middle of my parents living room having a fantastic family hug. i cannot recall a time when this has ever happened and for those 5 nights that i was home for the holidays, i teared up at the awesomeness as my family hugged, all together, every night. i tried to capture the family hug in a picture and this was the best i could get:
but every time i see this photo, i am reminded of the feeling that the family hugs gave me and it makes me so thankful for max, my genius 2 year old nephew and inventor of the floyd family hug.