Monday, January 17, 2011


when i started this blog, it was going to be like all of the others that i love…witty and funny and heartfelt and artistic. honestly, i find it hard to express my true self in something that isn’t inspired by someone else i know, something that i read or some place that I have seen. being honest with who i am and finding my own path is difficult.

i have a small obsession with greeting cards. i send mail because i love to show gratitude, exclaim love, say hello and i miss you, but i also buy cards for myself and for the last 10 years have obtained an awesome collection. very often i pull them all out and read them one by one for some sort of inspiration and almost always, one will capture my attention and be what I needed to hear for the day. these words of wisdom are what inspire me to live my life, do my job well, be a good friend, daughter, sister, and woman.

this quote is the namesake of this blog. it is so true and extremely difficult at the same time. it has come to my attention recently that, while i may be following my own path, i cannot seem to make a decision about where that path should go without the consultation and guidance of the many important people in my life. while their opinions are invaluable, i am trying everyday to be more confident in the decisions that i can make for myself and not to rely on others to make them for me. why this is so difficult for me i am not sure, because in the end, it is my path, i am the one walking it, and i have to find the courage to take responsibility for the path that i choose.

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