Sunday, February 6, 2011

she makes it look so easy

my sister suprised me this year with an amazing handmade christmas gift. this magnetic calendar has hand painted wooden plates for each month and date tiles that can be moved around depending on where the days of the month fall. she started with some wood and metal and magnets and i came away with this:

about 4 months before christmas, my mom, sister and i took a road trip to red river for a relaxing weekend of fishing, shopping, and hanging out. while there, we visited the local art gallery where we spotted some magnetic calendars. i thought it was a great concept and was considering purchasing one. anna told me to not buy one because "we can totally make that ourselves". how many times have we said this before? i didn't buy the calendar but i also walked away knowing that we would probably never make one ourselves. well, of course, she remembered. she made this for me. so, beyond being wildly talented and creative, my sister is also kind and thoughtful (and hilarious and laid back and super fun and insanely patient and i could go on and on). thank you sister for the awesome gift. i love you.

to check out some of anna's other amazing talents, see her stationery line ruby june celebrates at


  1. what a wonderful gift! Nice craftsmanship, Anna, and nice writing, Marcy. I'm loving the blog and getting to admire your way with words! Keep it up!

  2. I love you, too. Thanks for the kind comments (and the advertising) :)

  3. I WANT this too! So cute:) Good job Anna F! WELLLL, just wanted to say hi!