Tuesday, January 18, 2011

it all makes sense if you think about it

there is this article in the huffington post about a program that the agency i work for uses called the parent-child home program. this article provides awesome statistics and insight into a phenomenon they are calling the "preparation gap". the parent-child home program is a program that works with parents and their 2-4 year old children on school readiness and literacy through play and parent-child interaction. it really is a genius concept seeing that the ages before school are critical to a child's growth and development mentally, physically, and academically. the really cool part is that the program is strictly modeling appropriate parenting in the home using the tools that parents already possess. many parents do not understand that the time spent, lessons taught, affection given, and discipline used during this critical age will affect who children become as people, as students, and as friends. i wouldn't go so far as to say that there success or failure depends on positive interaction at this age, but it is a large factor. i mean, it makes sense right? if we start teaching parents how to teach their children before they even get to pre-k or kindergarten, won't they be more involved in their child's public education and their child more likely to be encouraged to learn? if we teach parents the importance of taking time out their day to read to, teach, or simply play with their child, won't their child be more likely to read, learn, and socialize appropriately when they go to school? if we teach parents the importance of being involved in their child's education and how to communicate with educators before their child even enters a classroom, won't they be more likely to advocate for their child and be involved in the school system? to me, it all makes sense if you think about it. unfortunately, the state that i live in and many other funders can't justify the expense for this in-home, prevention program and others like it that work to build strong, healthy, educated children. hopefully one day, people will see the importance, effectiveness, and in the end cost savings of prevention programs that give parents and children the chance at a positive start in their academic experience.

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