Thursday, August 18, 2011

nothing much to say...

but i need to say something as i am letting this blog slip into no-man's land quick. not much going on - still unemployed, still moving, etc. etc. etc. on an upside though, there was a very promising interview that occurred yesterday and so while i am not getting my hopes too high, there is a really good vibe floating around me about this one. fingers crossed people, this girl needs an income stat.

so, i woke up this morning thinking about how much i am going to miss my bedroom when i leave this place. i like where i live alot but the office is always hot, the kitchen is tiny, the bathroom is always dirty (could that be my fault?), the front porch is about to fall off, but my bedroom, my bedroom is awesome (as mentioned here). i guess i haven't ever had a bedroom that i liked this much becuase i have never really cared about what kind of bedroom to look for. you better believe i will be thinking about it now. it isn't like i spend a ton of time there or anything, really i just do my sleeping there, but it is cool and dark, even during this horrid heat wave, and i feel peaceful in there. i have 6 nights left to sleep in that room and will enjoy every last one of them.

can you tell i am bored and just want to post something on this damn blog?

on another note, while the logistics of unemployment really suck, i have actually had quite a good time in the 2.5 weeks that i have not been working. i have had a garage sale, gone swimming, to the spray park and the aquarium, had a few dinners and lunches with friends i don't get to see very often and some i get to see all time, spent time with kid friends, attended a few happy hours, put together the rest of my photo albums, watched a lot of movies, went shopping, played bunco and clue, and had a fabulous little getaway to college station. good times. and good ways to avoid packing and job hunting...precisely like what this blog post is doing for me now :)

i have been doing a lot of daydreaming about where i would move if i don't find a job soon. this is what i have come up with. not too shabby right?

red river, new mexico (my favorite place)

or just the mountains in general (seems peaceful and cool, right?)

Source: via Marcy on Pinterest

or washington dc (help make some change in this country?)

or maybe austin (where there is an endless supply of good music and fun friends)

or nyc (and maybe work for the planned parenthood federation of america?)

or maybe just bum around europe (it seems very ugly though :))

Source: via Marcy on Pinterest

in the end though, i think i would just like to keep bumming around east dallas.
so, as said before, keep those fingers crossed friends.


  1. i will gladly go visit any of those places with you, but would prefer if you stay here. k? thanks.

  2. i didn't know you were unemployed. Enjoy every second of it (it sounds like you are). I was unemployed for 9months.. not helpful i know, but the best advice i got- was to live it up. You'll be working your whole life.. and enjoy these days- because you WILL find a job. good luck with the move too!!

  3. you're writing my life. can't find a job (which is why i'm back in school) and i'm moving. or trying to - looking for a house in little forest hills. just at the moment that i've finally started to love this house and now i'm leaving. where are you heading? p.s. good luck on the job hunt.