Monday, August 8, 2011

canton co-op

so, a couple of weeks ago, kelly called and told me that our friend kyle was coming in town from austin for a show. kyle is a drummer and plays in a band called tacks the boy disaster. i asked for the details because there is not much that i love to do more on a friday night than to go listen to live music but knew that it was highly unlikely that i would make it as i was having a garage sale with emily that day and the next and it required a 5 am start to my day, 2 days in a row. after being responsible, turning down the offer, putting on my pj's and settling in front of the dvr, kelly and jack show up with a six pack and sweet talked me into going with them (as you can imagine, it did not take much. they had me at beer). SO, we headed out to this place called canton co-op for a free show with free keg beer (all this free-ness also didn't hurt their argument). i was intrigued from the moment we got out of the car. from what i can figure out, the co-op is basically a loft in deep ellum that is owned and run by people that want to promote artists and musicians and provides an outlet for their work. apparently they have a lot of free shows. the location was awesome, there were not many people so it was like a private show, and the music was fantastic. this is who we got to see:
kyle's band, tacks the boy disaster

this is kyle jammin' on the drums

my jeruselum

this girl was rockin the bass and it was awesome

and michael kincaid opened with an acustic show (i couldn't find a video but snapped this pic...he was amazing!)

looking forward to my next rrip to canton co-op!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE that song by Kyle's band..thanks for that!!!