Friday, September 9, 2011

back to life, back to reality

sweet relief.
new job - check. new house - check. new phone - check.
things are falling into place around here and i could not be more thrilled about the fresh start that is fixing to ensue.

i have been offered and accepted the position of social worker II on the care management team at parkland hospital in dallas. i have actually applied and interviewed here several years ago to no avail and am very excited to have the opportunity to start working with our world renowned county hospital. it is still a little unclear to me what all i will be doing and what patient population i will be working with but i am taking the leap of faith and am sure that there will be many good war stories to report.

when the news of the job offer came through, the house hunt began. after several days of driving around, tracking down landlords, considering the commute (haven't had one of those is quite some time), and weighing the pros and cons i have decided to move into another duplex in the same neighborhood that i was living in before. bottom line is i feel comfortable there and love east dallas. looking forward to moving back to my hood.

i have carried 2 cell phones for years. 1 personal, 1 work. luckily, i am relinquishing the work phone. unluckily, it is way cooler than my personal phone. luckily, i was due an upgarde with at&t and the above is what my new phone looks like. it does way more than just call and text. so excited!


  1. awesome! Congrats on all fronts. you are gonna love that new phone! And you should get a dog! they are the best. xo

  2. I can feel the relief vibes all the way over here! So happy you have some weight off your shoulders Marcy!

  3. congratulations lady. =] i'm house hunting too but have only been looking in little forest hills and then suddenly i decided to move to arlington. i'm still feeling like it's going to be totally weird to be out of east dallas! bummer too because you'd be right around the corner. how did i never know this before? =]