Monday, February 20, 2012

photography class

my parents were asking about what i am learning in my photography class so here some examples of my new fun hobby.

week 1 assignment: practice using different shutter speeds. my subject: my living room window...i know, super exciting :)
week 2 assignment: depth of field. my subject: a lamp post at the lake.
week 3 assignment: photograph different colors, textures, perspectives, etc. my subject: well, i haven't done my homework yet, but this little guy is one of my favorite subjects of late.
week 4 assignment: on location photo shoot using all different settings!! my subject: we met at the performing arts center in richardson and photographed the building, a cool fountain, a hotel, and then hiked to the top of an overpass and photographed traffic.

this is my favorite because it is pitch black outside and the lighting and settings make it look light outside.


  1. Great pictures Marcy! That is so fun! I love the traffic shots!

  2. i'm so jealous! i tried to take a photography class this semester but the one i wanted was full. where are you taking this class? and i also LOVE long exposure night photography! there's nothing that is as pretty, in my opinion. =] love your pictures! hope you keep posting!

  3. thanks friends! marie, i am taking it at brookhaven. i think they have one at a different DCCCD each semester. this one was a great gig, 7 weeks, 3 hour class a week for $85.

  4. Too cool, Marse! I am so jealous and so impressed! Each time we see you from now on, youll have to teach us one new thing about how to use our camera (same as yours i think, rebel ti). Love you and love seeing new posts on your blog!!!

  5. GREAT JOB LADY!!! I am impressed:))))