Monday, February 6, 2012

New toms

I am so pumped. I have been patiently awaiting the debut of the new Toms ballet flats and after receiving the email updates and preview pics and drooling over these shoes for months, they finally went on sale last Tuesday night. I promptly placed my order shortly after midnight and today they arrived and are as perfect as I had hoped. I have been on the Toms bandwagon for a couple of years now and normally would not pay this much (they are priced alot higher than I expected) for a pair of shoes, but 3 pairs of the regular Toms and 2 pairs of the wedges later and I have not once been disappointed. I couldn't resist, and now, slipping these on my feet, it seems I will not be disappointed again (but will let you know after I put them through a full day at the hospital tomorrow :)). Isn't it amazing how good a new pair of shoes can make you feel sometimes?!


  1. Are they comfy??? I really like these but have always been scared about Toms because they dont look like they give much support. I would be so excited to be wrong (about this. Don't go getting any ideas)!

  2. Those are super cute! I have not yet hopped on the bandwagon but these just might get me there. Are they comfortable or just adorable? 'Cause I need both...

  3. girls, the verdict is in....these are FANTASTIC. super comfy, i wear them to my looong day on my feet at work and you know i have to have comfort wth my crazy feet. they are no danskos but they are cuter :) over-priced, but i am definitely saving my pennies for my next pair!