Saturday, February 4, 2012

busy busy

i have been busy lately doing some super fun travel planning. i am not trying to rub it in but check out what i have coming up..

first and foremost, i get to go to florida and meet my new niece, piper lynn floyd, born 1/19/12, and love on her and her brother for 4 days in march. i CANNOT wait to get my hands on these two (aren't they adorable?!).
next, these two girls, two of my oldest friends from borger, are getting married this year. amy (on the left) is getting married in february but is having a reception in march in b-town. this means i get to go home to celebrate her marriage and get the added bonus of visiting my family too. kelli (on the right) is having a destination wedding in estes park, co. i have only been to estes park once in college when cortney and sarah worked there for a summer. it is one of the most beautiful places i have visited and cannot wait to go back this june. added bonus is that i get to go a few days early and visit joni and scotty in denver AND kelli's bachelorette party is going to include visiting wineries in fredericksburg. fun times. and i am so thrilled that these ladies are so happy and in love and have each found a wonderful man to share their lives with.
and finally, girls mystery trip is on the calendar and coming soon in june!!!! very excited to find out where we are going and also very excited that i am not doing the planning this year. can't wait girls!
whew, guess i better go pack...and plant a money tree in the back yard. who needs money though when you have awesome experiences to be had with the ones you love?

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  1. jealous, jealous, jealous! a wedding in estes park...aaaahhhhhh....maybe i should go and carry your bags!