Monday, January 9, 2012

so. much. fun.

sunday was my birthday and i had the greatest weekend. i keep thinking about all of the awesome moments and i loved every minute of it. the weekend started with my spontaneous day off on friday. even though i just had a day off on monday for new years, it was so great to have some time to decompress, put christmas decor away, and spend some time with my dear friend becca and her girls, macie and taylor. since i now work in an environment where i am unable to have lunch dates often, i don't get to see these girls as much as i would like. becca and i went to the arboretum and ate and walked and talked. perfect weather, lovely company.

friday night, cort surprised me with tickets to see kathy griffin. we love kathy. she is hilarious and nuts and has a stupid sense of humor that we can appreciate. she also surprised me though by inviting some of my favorite folks to go with us. we showed up at big shucks and there were leigh, boy kelly, robin, and my sweet sister, anna. we all loaded up in cort's car and went and laughed our arses off (especially to those great jokes about rick perry and michelle and marcus bachman).
saturday morning anna treated her and i to an hour of pampering at foot joy (amaaaazing),
then we had a delicious lunch here at the farmers market with some of our favorite friends and kid friends,
and ended the day at goodfriend with many a good friend :)
on the actual day of my birth, i enjoyed the yummiest brunch at a great new place with fantastic friends (my favorite birthday gifts were the many good snuggles i got from these bonner boys),
received a sweet delivery of cupcakes from jenn and sweet ellie grace,
and ended the day at the $1 movie with robin and boy kelly to see the new footloose (and then went home to practice old and new moves...shhh, don't tell anyone).

SUCH A GREAT WEEKEND! i had a fantastic time and am blessed to have so many friends/family to celebrate with. thank you my loves for making my birthday so wonderful~

oh, and happy birthday to this cute guy who is my birthday twin. i am sure he was celebrating in a casino or a burger king :)
picture found here


  1. Sounds like a fantastic weekend...sorry I missed it! Love all the photo collages too! Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Aww, wish we could have been there to help.celebrate your birth! Love love love you, so glad you had a great weekend!

  3. sad I missed all the outings..but I just know that you got treated like a queen and had a great week:))) LOVE YOU:)