Monday, January 9, 2012

crazy....and maybe a little stalkerish too

so, here is the story for those of you who haven't heard me tell it a million times...
leigh ann and i took a little vaca getaway last february and headed to hot springs, arkansas for a weekend. we swam in the hot springs, got awkwardly bathed by women at an old bathe house, ate, drank, relaxed,and became fascinated with an oddly beautiful group of people. i am going to try to write this post without making it sound like we are stalkers, but seriously, these people were amazingly maicured hipsters and we just knew they had to be famous. hot springs is a small place and so we ran into them many times throughout the day starting with them sitting next to us at lunch. we couldn't figure it party? band? urban outfitters models? we dubbed this group of about 9 pretty people the romantics. we never got the courage to just walk up to one of them and ask who they were but i think that was for the best. we spent many an hour making up the story of their lives. it was fun.
fast forward 10 months to a concert that leigh, boy kelly and i went to to see a few local bands at the kessler theater. this is what we found:

the band seryn from denton...aka the romantics (well, half of them anyway. the others must be groupies and significant others)

i didn't believe it when leigh put the connection together but after doing a little internet research, we discovered it was true. apparently they were playing a show in hot springs that night...if we had only asked, we could have started our obsession with this band's music many months ago. this being said, i am so happy we we have found them because their talent is nuts. hope you enjoy.
we also got to see david ramirez at that concert and he did not disappoint. you should check it out.

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