Sunday, January 29, 2012


this weekend, my dear friend meredith, shared a blog post with me, written by emily rapp, that she had read about the power of female friendships. when she was describing the article to me, i was thinking about how amazingly blessed i am to have an unbelievable network of women in my life who surround me with love, uplift me, really listen and hear me, value me, and allow me to do the same for them. after reading this post and having a truly emotional reaction, i thought that i would blog about her individual passages and what they meant to me and how i agree with many of her ideas about friendship in our culture and what that means...then i realized that i could never do this article justice with my words because the author's are too powerful to explain.

please read. please share. please grab a tissue first :)

here is a little excerpt to entice you:
"Support, salvation, transformation, life: this is what women give to one another when they are true friends, soul friends, what the Irish call anam cara. It’s what the Wrinklies did for one another, what the French resistance fighters in Auschwitz did for one another, what women do for one another in real relationships with real consequences in real time, every day, what my friends do for me. We help one another other live and sometimes, we watch – and help – one another die. It happens in movies, sure, but it also happens every day, in real life – now, tomorrow, yesterday. It is transformative and transcendent. It is real. It is love."

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  1. Wow, that was a good read to say the least. I loved this line, "There remained a familiarity between them, a sense of openness and ease that they shared with no one else." Miss you friend.