Wednesday, March 16, 2011

to the lucky man who ends up with me

these guys (and some others not pictured here) are giving you a lot to live up to...

thank you for helping me move, fixing my car, picking me up from the airport (even when the roads are icy), hanging/installing things in my home, picking up my mail, providing interesting conversation, letting me be a part of your children's lives, giving me a "guys" perspective, supporting me in all that i do, and mostly for being such amazing husbands and fathers to women and children whom i love dearly. you guys are the best.


  1. he will be a lucky man for many reasons!

    p.s. this is such a nice post.

  2. awwww, this just made my day. Such a sweet expression of gratitude for some sweet guys.

  3. you're so lucky to have such people in your life! but then, they're also pretty lucky to have you too. :)

  4. I am late, but this is precious:) We are so lucky to have you and your blog is coming along so wonderfully!