Thursday, March 3, 2011

mid-day blog break

i am swamped. out of town 3 days last weekend. out of town 4 days this week. currently in midland texas, sitting in a hotel conference room (that has a funky smell to it) multi-tasking. and by multi-tasking, i mean taking a break to write a quick entry that is long overdue, eavesdropping on my staff who are in a training and my boss who is on a conference call, and pretending to stare at spreadsheets that need to be corrected asap. i swear i will get back to them in just a minute.
mostly, i am thinking about the fun things i have coming up in march: a relaxing weekend when i get home tomorrow to do what i want (a haircut, a patio, finish my good book, catch up on dvr, and hopefully play with a kid friend or 2); next weekend when my mom, granny, and sister are coming to dallas to visit (been homesick and am excited to get some squeezes from my momma); the concert ticket i just bought to go stomp and twirl to robert earl keen, old 97's, and the o's; the super fun brunch that chelsey and i are planning for cortney and crosby at the end of the month; and the big glass of wine i plan to drink as soon as this long day of meetings and entertaining staff is done :)
hope you all have a fun march planned and are having an equally productive and speedy week~


  1. enjoy your weekend! sounds fabulous. =]

  2. yay for march!!

    p.s. what book are you reading? i need a to start a new one.

    i hope your weekend is wonderful!

  3. sounds like a good relaxing weekend, enjoy it before you are invaded next you sister

  4. ~ thanks marie! hope you have a good, relaxing weekend as well.
    ~ happy birthday month chels! oh and i am currently reading a spy thriller by vince flynn. he is one of my fav authors and if you like that stuff, i highly reccommend. trying to finish so i can move on to an equally intellectual romance, crime novel :)
    ~can't wait to see you next weekend boo. love you!