Thursday, March 31, 2011


it is unbelievable that 3 of my favorite little people are turning 3 this spring. where has the time gone? it was only yesterday that i was holding you, snug as a bug, swaddled up and cuddly. those days are long ago though. now you are going to be 3.

i have to tell you, 3 is freaking cool. you are big enough to play and understand games like hide and seek, tag, and chutes and ladders but still little enough to crawl in a lap and read books and snuggle.

(super max to the rescue)

you can comprehend pretend and with just a blanket you can become a superhero, live in an awesome fort, or become invisible to those around you.

(ben and the gorilla we named sam)

you say what is on your mind and you mean it. you laugh and play and learn and love and never seem to run out of energy.

(sweet maggie rose enjoying a sweet treat)

when you are 3, you are becoming the person you will always be. and i am so happy that i will get to live vicariously through 3 of the coolest 3 year olds around. happy birthday loves. here's to being 3!

(side note: when i turned 3 there was a taco villa birthday lunch and a gift of my favorite food, chips and salsa, from the neighbors. awesome. and i wonder why i have a mexican food addiction.)

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