Sunday, January 20, 2013


i love cards (as previously/frequently mentioned on this blog) and i especially love birthday cards...shocking, i know.  i still have mine sitting on a shelf in my living room so i can look at them.  think i will keep them there just a tad longer cause they bring a smile to my face.  here are a few of my favs from this year:
hand picked king kong card (up international) from a few of my favorite boys: gorilla man and crosby
leigh hugging a big tree on the front of super special, made just for me, card from shutterfly
this card from charlotte (papyrus) that describes what i did pretty much the whole day
and the one from my parents (hallmark) talking about how they brag about me.  couldn't resist leaving the "ho" card in the picture: christmas card (southern fried paper) from my best friend who also, obviously, appreciates a sentimental, sappy card :)
there are many more and i love them all.  for all of you who celebrated with me this year, this is my card to you (quotable cards):

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