Sunday, October 9, 2011


i have been on pinterest for quite some time just pinning away and had not made one recipe that i found on there until a couple of weeks ago. started with a pasta dish that was pretty good but then last week made this in my crock pot and just had to share.

may seem a little weird with the hashbrowns and all but this soup tastes like my favorite baked potato soup at central market. especially with sour cream, cheese, and some bacon pieces garnishing it. highly reccommend this recipe, especially if you are like me and like a non-chunky soup. delish!

tomorrow i am doing this crock pot recipe and really hope these sandwiches are as good as they look in the photo.

currently on the stove is my mom's super yummy taco soup recipe to take for lunch this week and i am also baking this interesting concoction:

hopefully it tastes as good as it seems that it should!

i am certainly not adventurous or well-practiced at cooking but am trying to branch out. really trying to be better about it and think that i am off to a good start (especially since i have discovered the super easy convenience of the crock pot!)

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  1. way to go!!! it is always so hard for me to branch out in the cooking dept., but you have just provided some inspiration. :)
    happy cooking!