Sunday, October 9, 2011

top 10 list...

...of things i have learned at my new job:

10. i can wear scrubs if i want to. black top and bottom (my favorite clothing color!). i haven't purchased any yet but plan on getting a pair for those days that there is nothing clean.

9. i walk or stand almost allllllllll day. i learned very quickly that my cute flats that i used to wear will not cut it so i broke down and invested in some dansko shoes. not cute but after seeing that pretty much everyone that works at the hospital wears them i got these:

super duper comfortable

i am also aware that my momma has some like this:

i will attempt to snag these from her closet while home next week (shhhh, don't tell her)
(both pair found here)

8. i have to remember to wear my id badge everyday. 3 times without it = termination. AND it cost $25 to replace, so very important not to lose.

7. hand hygiene. the most commonly used terminology at parkland. i had no idea that i was washing my hands incorrectly my whole life. they showed us the spots that are most commonly missed. there is sanitizer next to every patient room and i use it approximately 12 times a day with a hand wash in between every 4 or so of those. crazy.

6. apparently almost every social worker at parkland went to the same social work school i did, though i only recognize 1 of them. she and i graduated together (she is an aggie too!).

5. i learned at orientation that 113,000 people applied at parkland in the last year and 1,100 were hired. makes me feel very good about being chosen.

4. the new little white rock coffee drive thru shack is on my way to work. could make me broke but also makes me oh so happy.

3. there are 9500 employees at parkland and they have their own police department. this is a little nuts. on my first day of work, the police trained us how to handle different crises including an active shooter, a child abduction, etc. remind anyone of grey's anatomy? too bad i haven't seen any mcdreamys or mcsteamys.

2. i was finally given the code for the lock on the secret bathroom that is only for nurses and us. thank goodness.

and the most important thing i have learned since working at parkland is...

1. the good food is on the first floor of the med school. burger house, subway, chinese, salad place, starbucks. the parkland cafeteria is good, but finding this gem of a food court changed everything :)


  1. Yay!!! I am so glad things are getting off to a good start.

  2. Ok, you have me super curious...what are the most missed spots in handwashing? Scrubbing in for 3 min to get into the NICU has gotten a bit monotonous - u can spice it up for me with this info and I'll add it into my scrub/hand washing routine, lol!