Sunday, June 19, 2011

girl's mystery trip!

(girls trip circa 2065!)

second annual girls mystery trip finally came...and unfortunately went. the weekend went off without a hitch and i could not be more pleased. since i was the planner, i was a little nervous because all of the secrets and surprises were getting to be almost more than i could handle but it was perfect!
sarah and jami made it in and had perfect timing. now i know how to cause lots of shocked looks, screams, and happy tears in this group of friends.

everyone loved their cute river weekend goodie bags that included chair floats, insulated mugs, and magazines

which we immediately (and for several hours throughout the weekend) put to good use.

we enjoyed the local beer garden, including beer buckets, yummy burgers and live, local youngsters serenading us,

shared a fantastic meal together,

and lots of time catching up and soaking up our time together.

i cannot wait to see what next year holds and am looking forward to again being on the other side of the mystery. love you girls~

(cort also blogged about the weekend here. she has such an amazing way with words)

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