Tuesday, May 31, 2011

taking a poll

i have struggled with the answer to this for years.

is it better to get excited and let yourself get your hopes up knowing that if things don't go your way that you will be very disappointed? or is it better to not let yourself get excited and when things do go your way, you are pleasantly surprised?

i am inclined to the first. i like to be excited. this being said, someone told me a long time ago that i shouldn't get my hopes up just to be let down. i thought this was kind of a jerky comment. as i get older i am beginning to wonder if there is some truth to it even though it seems so negative.

what are you thoughts? and can there be a happy medium of excitement vs. self preservation?


  1. i vote to get excited. you are missing out on that bit of happiness if you don't (regardless of the outcome).

  2. Ummmm...your guts never lie....you are allowed to get excited and enjoy the moment because that is who you are.done and done:)