Monday, May 30, 2011

oh oprah

on oprah's last show there were several deep, thoughtful, inspiring moments but there was one moment that really touched me and i haven't been able to get it out of my head. the following quote was discussed:

"please be responsible for the energy that you bring into this room" ~ jill bolte taylor

this hit me because i have been thinking alot lately about the energy that i put out and the energy of those around me. i feel like i have always been a pretty positive person. recently i have been feeling out of sorts and could feel that the energy i was putting out around me was slipping out of the positive realm. fortunately, i have taken control back and am making some big steps to getting my mojo back. it feels good. sometimes i wish more people would think about the energy and positivity (or lack there of) that they bring into a space because it affects everyone else's energy. in the end though i only have control of myself and will continue to try and bring a positive energy into every room.


  1. i'm no fan of oprah but i'm a huge fan of jill bolte taylor. her message is life changing but this quote especially. they have actually done scientific studies that show that the mood or energy of a person entering a room and their vibrations affect the vibrations of those around them in the room. so if someone walks in who is happy and calm, other people actually feel more happy and calm. and of course, negative moods work the same. i am continually amazed at how connected we are to every single other person on this planet. so this was a nice reminder for me to remember that i want to be the calm force in the world, in the room. (i think i still have a lot of practicing to do on that front though!) ;)

    great post. your positive energy has affected me, even just through the computer.

  2. i am working on this too marcy. so many times i catch myself with a negative look on my face without even meaning to.

    i am trying to do better. to smile, give hugs, and laugh as often as i can.